BodyResonanceTherapy was developed, to trigger holistic healing processes. We assume that a human

being can become “whole” again, if regarded as a whole. Thus, it is based on millennia-old knowledge

that pervades all cultures, about the interrelations of body, mind, and soul.

In BodyResonanceTherapy treatment is applied to the energy body. There is an indication of our energy

flow, as well as our blockages; the latter we experience as impediments in our daily life.

The oneness of body and energy body can be separated through emotional or physical shock, environmental toxins, negative radiation, or mental blockages.


Our vitality can suffer losses that can lead to serious illness.If the deeper causes are paid attention to and not only the symptoms of the physical body are treated, true healing can take place.

During the session the practitioner gets in contact to the energy body of the client. In a phase of deep

relaxation the clients gets support through resonance. Blockages clear away, self-healing-forces activate 

and the body can heal.


Everybody carries the knowledge of healing and its potential.


It´s only necessary to remember in this absolute inner perfection...