INTUITION – using the source of life


Advanced Course+ II 

(two weekends)


During these weekend-seminars you will learn to use your intuition as the source of life. This second and third level course in BodyResonanceTherapy continue the training of awareness and intuition.

The main focus will be in meeting nature and its powerful places.

You will learn to differentiate your awareness of energies and to name the different levels through a series of individual and partner exercises, which will focus on the flow of energy or energy blockages. Exercises to deepen your intuition will help to tune in, to perceive and accept the higher guidance. They will support you to develop and use your abilities for energetic perception.
These seminars also include an individual session with me to support the personal process of healing and to prepare the body for energy work. 
There will plenty time to answer questions after every treatment. You will receive information about energy structures, energy overlaps, self protection…

Dates follows


Friday 6 pm -  4 pm

Place: Beuerhof, Vulkaneifel

Costs: 340 Euro per weekend including tea, water and snacks.

The facilitators reserve the right to change the event location, if necessary.