AWARENESS – Remembering ancient knowledge


Introductory course



The main focus in this introductory course is the training of our awareness. This creates the basis of the fundamental understanding about BodyResonanceTherapy.

Through a series of individual and partner exercises, you will have the chance to experience differentiated awareness of energies, like the flow of energy or energy blockages.

Exercises to deepen your awareness will help to tune in – inside and outside – and to trust your awareness. They will support you to develop and use your abilities for energetic perception in your daily life.
An individual therapy session is included in this introductory seminar to support the personal process of healing and to prepare the body for energy work.

Duration              Weekend


Time                     Friday 6 pm  - Sunday 4 pm


Place                    Cologne

Compensation     340 € for the entire weekend

Boarding possibilities exist. Please inquire.

The facilitators reserve the right to change the event location, if necessary.